History Of Rap Music

There are a lot of different genres of music that you can enjoy listening today on the radio, your computer, the Internet, or your iPod.  And while many of the genres are popular, one of the most popular styles of music available today is rap music.  Because of the recent popularity and boom of the rap industry, many people assume that rap music is relatively new.  However, this genre of music has actually been around for several years.

The Beginning Of Rap

Rap music had its start in the early 1970s among the street culture of New York City, particularly with African Americans and Latinos.  It began when the DJs started taking a more original approach to highlight the music, percussion riffs, and other rhythms of the music during the time.  This style was especially popular with the funk and disco music that was played in the clubs during this time period.  DJs were able to draw big crowds on the dance floor as many individuals gathered to hear good music, dance, and listen to this newer, more original style of music.  In addition to the DJ, the MC also played a large role in the beginning phases of rap music.  The MC would introduce the artists that were performing and the DJ.  A good MC kept the guests entertained and happy.

Growth Of Rap

Although the setting for rap music was in place during the 1970s, it took a little while for it to catch on.  The commercial power of the music that you see in rap today was not present initially.  However, by the 90s, rap emerged dominant.  Gangsta rap, as the world referred to it as, had taken the world by storm.  Although the lyrics were controversial, and the focus was on sex, violence drugs, etc, many people seemed to love rap music.